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- Sabbir

I doanimation for you...

I do wow custom animation for you ...

When you’re dealing with a complex idea or product, trying to explain it solely in text form can be very challenging. Depending on how the copy is written and how technical it is, the audience may or may not connect and engage with it. Copy and flat images don’t always bring an idea to life as well as an animated video does.

Animation is a great way to convey technical and complex ideas or message in the form of a short story

Explainer Animation

Explainer animation is suitable for … cont..

Promotional Animation

Explainer animation is suitable for … cont..

App/Software Walkthrough

Explainer animation is suitable for … cont..

Product Pitch

Explainer animation is suitable for … cont..


Explainer animation is suitable for … cont..

Awareness Video

Explainer animation is suitable for … cont..

Value I am offering...

  • Multiple styles(Styleframe) to choose.
  • Lots of revisions, till you get the result.
  • Voice Over by native artist, even you can choose before/after recording.
  • Optimized video for fast loading in website.
  • All common regular video file format.
  • Complimentary Logo animation!

StyleFrame Sample

This is a sample to show you that, I make multiple styles for the same scene. And from there you can choose one to match your brand and your style. You have flexibility…

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Steffan Gimblett


Excellent freelancer, great quality of work, helped all the way an communication was excellent. Count not ask for more and will definitely be going back again to use. Would highly recommend

Silvio Cacace


It was nice working with Sabbir. He listens very well and understands the requirements fast. He is very flexible and reacts fast in Upwork. He is always there if you need him and takes a lot of work out of your hands. We will recommend Sabbir!!

Kew Jay


Sabbir is very skilled and experienced professional. He's completed the work successfully. He's polite and professional. We recommend Sabbir for other clients. Wish Sabbir all the best.

Joshua Harder


Very good communication, great that he responds to questions immediately, I would hire him again at any time, he tries very hard to make it work the way you want it to

Shimon Chohen


Sabbir was very responsive, available and communicative he was always attentive to feedbacks thank you, Sabbir

Luis Echeverria

Aery Pro, Inc.

Absolutely incredible work! His animation skills are amazing. I will work with Sabbir again in the future!

Couple of my works

Video for World Garden, Is a perfect example of a product pitch and explaining the service.  Project is completed on December 2021

Buddies Space Explainer Video.

Video for Yam, Is a perfect example of a product pitch animation I have done. 


The most common questions are asked by common people. And I like to give the uncommon answer. If you have time you can have a look how a 2D animator handles this situation. 

You do video editing?

Yap, I do video editing. If you hold a pipe with a trigger and in the pipe, there is at least one small chamber filled with burnable power.

Which tools do you use?

I use Adobe Software. Aftereffects, Illustrator, Audition, Media Encoder.

Are you sure you will not miss deadline?

Deadline? Seems brutal! Do you mean the success line?  Yeah, I will not miss that thing. In the past company, Where I worked earlier, accuracy and timely manner were highly maintained.

Why did you choose to be an animator?

Hunger made to do it! I was just a boy who just loved to sleep and enjoy!

What is the usual timeline to make a video?

Depends on you! If you have time I will put time into it.

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